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Writer's Block: Dreams

Well, isn't THAT a stroke of luck? I log in, wanting to discuss this odd dream I've been having, and I look on the homepage, and the writer's block is about dreams today!!! So I'll do two in one. I'll answer their petty questions (Talk about most vivid dream, why did it stick in your memory) and then move on to my discussion. Although, if I answer the questions well enough, I should be able to discuss it.... Let's just get on with it, then. Shall we?

About three days ago, which would be... Monday... I had a dream. (is that copyright?...no matter)
AND this dream was about this kid I'm KIND OF friends with. He's a year younger than me, but even girls older than me find him EXTREMELY attractive. Let's call him.... Vince. Wait, I hate that name. How about... Lenny? Sure. Lenny.

So, I'm supposed to be going to a place this summer, kind of like a camp, where this Lenny guy goes. So, where does the dream come in, you ask?

Well, the day after I had the dream was the first day of the camp type thing. And I was a bit shaken. Because I had a tad bit of a crush on Lenny. And the dream goes as follows:

The dream starts with a barbeque, and my family, Lenny, and his family were all there, conversing and having a good time over a plate of grilling flesh. Mmm.

So, Lenny and I decide to go to this old treehouse in the forest near my house. As we walk back there, we remember that we forgot to tell the others where we were going.

But, we kept walking anyways, finally arriving at the treehouse. We climb up there, and sit, talking for a while. Then suddenly Lenny and I start hugging and I very vividly remember his hand entwining with mine.

And then, from the ground came a woman's voice, taunting and angry.
"Quit cuddling with your 'BOYFRIEND'!" It was Lenny's mother. Oh, did I mention how much I'm afraid of Lenny's mother? She scares me on so many levels.

So we sprang apart, and I jumped out of the treehouse, and I remember running away from her. It was kind of like an old-school chase scene, with the scenery of the forest zipping past us.

But she caught me, pinning me to the ground. My head knocked against something and everything faded to black.
*Dream End*

So, there it is. And you can see how this posed a problem for me. Every time I saw Lenny, (which would be all day) I pictured us hugging. There was one point of the day when I was reading, my head on the table, and he was sitting across from me, tapping on the table with his fingers. I looked over, and pretended not to stare at them... picturing my hands intertwining in his, like in my dream. Ugh, this is so embarrassing to talk about.

And then comes the mother, who was picking me up that day. When I saw her, I swear I cringed, stepping back. And to this day, I get just a little bit dreamy and zoned out whenever I see his hands, or his mother. *shiver*

Ta dah! There it is!

Drink up, baby!
Sarah <3

Writer's Block: Awesome Openers

Here are a few "gripping" opening lines from films or books (currently the library books stacked on my bedroom floor), as requested:

"The early summer sky was the color of cat vomit." -Uglies, Scott Westerfeld.

I think this one is funny, because.... some people love immature humor like that. Talking about cat vomit. HA! You said VOMIT! I think it's clever, because usually books don't start with opening lines such as that. Makes me want to read on, find out WHY this person thinks it's the color of cat vomit... not peaches or flowers or something else that's lovely.

"I lie all the time." -Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List, Rachel Cohn and David Levithan.

This line intrigues me, because I'm curious on why there's lying, and what's being lied about, and how it's going to affect the story afterwards!

"It all started when Sydney climbed out of the truck." -Lemonade Mouth, Mark Peter Hughes.

Well, who's Sydney? And where's she climbing to? And why's she climbing out of the truck? This brings me to the conclusion that opening lines are supposed to intrigue the reader, make them want to read further to answer all the question that are buzzing around in their heads.

And that concludes journal post number 2!

Real Coca Cola taste, and zero calories,
Sarah <3

Post Number One

Hello, everyone. I've always wanted a journal, so I'm going to make this a diary, BUT if you tune in, you get some very deep things (in my opinion, of course), when I'm in a very thoughtful mood. So, stay with me. :)

This post was merely an introduction, so its rather short. Sorry!

Love forever... love is fleeting,
Sarah :)


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